Warning: Avoid These 4 Toxic People Like The Plague!


These people aren’t people.

They are leeches.

These people are the scabs on your success.

They rob your energy, plant the seeds of self-doubt, kill your productivity and want you to “get a real job.”

They lurk behind every corner in your day-to-day life.

They will sabotage your plans at just the right moments.

These monsters will disguise themselves as coworkers, friends, partners and, worst of all, family members.

The only way to escape their soul-destroying BS is to cut them from your life.

It doesn’t matter how gorgeous she is, or how big her tits are.

I don’t care how close they are to you.

You need to separate yourself from these losers if you’re going to have a shot at success.

But don’t worry. The right people – the really important ones – always find a way to stay in your life.

1) Energy Vampires


This character literally sucks every bit of energy from your body to power his meaningless existence.

You can see him creep up on you under his little hovering cloud of depression (rain and all).

Once you’ve made eye contact, that’s it. You’re trapped.

You can’t run away or jump off a bridge.

Within 30 seconds of listening to his problems, you feel your energy being siphoned away.

Pretty soon, you’re a drained battery.


You need a nap, while someone rubs your feet and gives you a sugar-loaded cookie.

Energy vampires are thieves of what is so precious, and so hard to create.

Positive energy.

They rob you blind.

These people, above all others, must to be cut out of your life, without hesitation or remorse.

2) Advice Junkies


Scenario 1: The fat ass

“Can I have some nutritional advice”?

“I’ve tried everything, but I haven’t lost a pound in years!”

Scenario 2: Relationship Addict

“You and your missus are so happy!”

“Why do my relationships always end the same?”

As a good citizen, you feel the need to oblige. You fall for their trap every time.

You scratch your noggin, and come up with some great solutions to their problems.

They appear to soak up the information, and you think they’re going to do something useful with it.



They don’t want your advice.

They want to be fed a nice, sugar-coated bullshit sandwich.

They want to be babied and told it’s not their fault. “Goo goo, gaa gaa. who’s a good boy?”

They are the morons who will go out and buy the latest gadgets and gimmicky fads.

They will never fucking change, because they are lazy attention-seekers.

You can’t help everyone, and you shouldn’t try to.

Take care of your own shit first.

Don’t get involved.

3) Professor “Brosefski”


This guy is awesome to hang out with!

He has cool video games, knows a ton of useless information – and did I mention that he loves beer?

Don’t be fooled by his sluggish speech, careless attitude and scruffy t-shirt. He’s as sharp as they get.

He’ll use his wit and amazing logic to justify not doing things.

(Seriously, how in the hell does he do that?)

You usually just spend most of your time “hanging out.”


Afterwards, all you seem to be able to do is watch crappy re-runs on Netflix, eat junk food and laze about.

In no time, his Ebola-like laziness will infect your decision-making, work ethic and productivity.

Forget all those things you wanted to get done.

Slowly, you’ll start wasting more and more time, and start making more and more excuses.

In no time, you’ll regress and devolve into a slug version of your former self.

4) Dream-Crushers


These people will come down like a pile of bricks on your ideas, plans and decisions.

Top 3 favorite sayings of a professional dream-crusher:

1. “Oh no, don’t be stupid!”
2. “Hahahahahah! No way, dude, that will never work!”
3. “Well, that’s not a real job.”

These people can be necessary at times, but you shouldn’t surround yourself with them 24/7.

Chasing your dreams takes serious balls, energy and time.

You will face pain, failure and disappointment at every turn.

You don’t need someone to shit all over your dreams just because they are failure-fearing comfort creatures.


These people don’t see potential in your idea. All they see is failure.

They are defined by their fear of failure.

These people just want to “fit in.”

Your out-of-the-box approach to life goes against everything they stand for.

They are incapable of making that mental leap of faith that will transform them from an amateur copycat wannabe into a professional dream-chaser.

They will never see how your dream will work.

The great thing is that you shouldn’t waste your time trying to convince them.

You don’t need to explain your actions, and you certainly don’t need their approval.

Get rid of these people. Your productivity will skyrocket.

Lack Motivation and Discipline to Get Shit Done?

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