A warrior facing an uphill battle stands his ground at all costs.

“ Why am I such a fuckup?”

“I need to get my shit together!”

“Some people make it look so easy!”

“How do they do it?”

“What’s their secret?”

The answer is that these people are warriors.

They have a win-at-all-costs attitude, and quiet intent.

They conquer jobs, take over businesses and rule the court.

What makes them and anything they touch so special?

You think they have the magic pill, the shortcut and secret that you crave?

But if I tell you the secret, there’s no turning back.

In fact, power, wealth, riches and glory cannot be given – they are earned.


If you can’t accept this simple fact, then quit.

Starting at the bottom isn’t glamorous, but someone has to shovel shit

All the greats started somewhere. You will be no exception.

You must take the same shit-laden path that all greats have battled through.

Nothing will be beneath you.

The junior chef scrubbed toilets long before he ever set foot in the kitchen.

The crap job is a test to see if you’re worth it.

It’s a rite of passage.

On this journey, you’ll develop skills that will help you weather any storm in the future.

The blizzard will try to kill you

Sooner or later, the winds will shift and the skies will darken.

They will blind you.

The pain will scar you.

What do you do when the light goes out?

You’re all alone.

You’re lost.

You don’t want to go on.

What then?

This is where you have to choose.

It’s too late to turn around and go back.

You can stop and make camp.

Or you bite down, strap in and keep marching.

Who gives a fuck where you’re going? As long as you’re moving forward.

Use your gut instinct.

You will weather the storm.

Survival isn’t a choice.

Your sole purpose, a choice Number One, is to keep marching ahead and not forget why you set out on this epic journey.

Choice Number Two: freeze to death.

You either have it or you will fail

It’s not how clever, creative, rich, strong, or likable you are.

None of that shit matters.

If success is the goal, it will be determined by whether or not you can complete the journey you’ve embarked on.

First, you have to be a resilient bastard to shine in the face of adversity and make it out alive.

Second, you need to make an unbreakable promise to yourself and not lose your resolve, no matter how bad it gets.

You are a one-man wrecking machine.

Any obstacle in your path has to move, or you’ll move it yourself.

Plant the idea, start the engine and use the success momentum.

What, you thought this shit is supposed to be easy?

You’re soft, lazy and weak.

Everything is cheap, easy, convenient, and accessible 24/7.

As soon as one tiny thing goes wrong, most people throw a tantrum.

This is why so many people are quitters and moaners. They are always depressed.

Successful people grind for their success.

The sooner you understand that, the sooner you can start your journey to success.

Shake off that victim mentality. You’re not special. No one owes you anything.

If it were easy, millions of people would live in crazy mansions and have PhDs, great relationships, healthy bodies and fulfilled lives.

The idea of taking the easy way out will never cross a king’s mind

Never ever take the easy route out.

The first battle is usually the hardest, the one where you pay the most.

With each battle, you’ll learn more about yourself and your strengths and weakness.

You learn how to prepare, how to react, how to struggle.

Your weapon becomes sharper with each battle.

You learn the most invaluable skill of all: the ability to depend on yourself when times are hard.

You are the uncommon bread of man.

There aren’t many people on earth who posses such qualities.

At the end of the day, someone or something can take away your wealth, power and position with a snap of his fingers.

But nothing can steal your knowledge, experience and heart.

By taking shortcuts, you deny yourself these things.

The calm after the storm

Quiet and stillness always follow the storm.

Pain and struggle is never eternal.

There’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

You wash your dirtied face, and look up.

You’ve weathered the storm.

You’ve made it.

With that comes inner piece, happiness, and fulfillment.

When you come out victorious, after years of struggle and grind, the feeling is pure heroin.

And the spoils of your victory won’t be so sweet, if not for the harsh times.

Nothing can take that away from you.

Most people would have crumbled, but not you.

You’re a warrior.

For a certain kind of person, everything is possible.



Lack Motivation and Discipline to Get Shit Done?


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