Fuck Being Average!


Is your life stuck on autopilot?

Are you just drifting through life, trying hard to just to blend in and fit in?

Do you seek the approval and permission of others before you start anything?

Do you lack the discipline, willpower, and the ambition to get shit done?

Do you feel depressed, bored and unhappy, even when good things happen in your life?

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Luck has nothing to do with your success.


Does success or failure come from chance – i.e., luck – or one’s own actions?

Excuse me? Luck over action?


Fucking chance?

Are you shitting me?

Luck has nothing to do with my success or failure.

I make my own luck, the power plays, and do the work.

My success is the sum of my actions, ideas, efforts, pitfalls, weaknesses, failures, resilience, perseverance, work ethic, drive, motivation, curiously, bravery, integrity, consistency, love, sacrifice, leadership, humility, forgiveness, hope and gratitude.

The above doesn’t happen by “luck”.

I leave nothing to chance.
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A warrior facing an uphill battle stands his ground at all costs.

“ Why am I such a fuckup?”

“I need to get my shit together!”

“Some people make it look so easy!”

“How do they do it?”

“What’s their secret?”

The answer is that these people are warriors.

They have a win-at-all-costs attitude, and quiet intent.

They conquer jobs, take over businesses and rule the court.

What makes them and anything they touch so special?

You think they have the magic pill, the shortcut and secret that you crave?

But if I tell you the secret, there’s no turning back.

In fact, power, wealth, riches and glory cannot be given – they are earned.


If you can’t accept this simple fact, then quit.
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Fuck Plan B: The balls-out, guns-blazing approach to life.


What if you didn’t have a “Plan B”?

What if you only had a Plan A, and went for it like an obsessed maniac?

What if you put all of your eggs, hope and dreams, credit cards, shoes, wife, car and your beloved dog into one basket?

What if the stakes were so high you that had to make your “Plan A” work?

Imagine walking a high-wire without a safety net.

When failure is not an option.

What then?

You concentrate and zone in on the task at hand.

Lose focus or concentration for even a second, and BAM! You’re toast.

That’s how you should approach tasks.

If you waver and compromise, you’ll never get shit done.

You will lack commitment and conviction in your in your ideas and actions.

This is why there are so many yo-yo dieters and penniless entrepreneurs.

Fuck plan B!
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The only two options: work on your dream, or on someone else’s


This mind bomb exploded in my head on the most basic of Mondays.

I was sitting at work, counting down the minutes before I could leave. And a thought hit me.


It took me back a little.

It became super clear.

I just sat there, gawking into space until my boss asked what I was doing.

“Ummmm, work and shit?” I mumbled.

It’s a good thing my boss is used to me talking like that.

I immediately grabbed my notepad and started scribbling some ideas down before I forgot them.

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Warning: Avoid These 4 Toxic People Like The Plague!


These people aren’t people.

They are leeches.

These people are the scabs on your success.

They rob your energy, plant the seeds of self-doubt, kill your productivity and want you to “get a real job.”

They lurk behind every corner in your day-to-day life.

They will sabotage your plans at just the right moments.

These monsters will disguise themselves as coworkers, friends, partners and, worst of all, family members.

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There Is Only One Reason Why You Struggle to Get Out Of Bed In The Morning.

The alarm jolts your eardrums with a thousand decibels that feels like a vicious assault by a pack of razorblade-wielding hyenas.


You panic.

“Fuck, where’s my phone?”

You’re glued to your cozy, extra-warm bed, but you somehow manage to hit the snooze button.

The cat-and-mouse game continues. You hit snooze, again and again. The urge to stay in bed for another five minutes drags on for 45 minutes.

You finally crowbar your eyelids open.

When you do, they’re burning. Your head is thumping. All you want to do is dive deeper into bed.

You finally pull yourself together, get dressed, and put on that fake persona again.

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